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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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(no code) Welcome
(L1) "Giuliano Preparata" Lecture by Roderic Guigo
(S1) Session 1: Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(S2) Session 2: Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(S3) Session 3: Molecular evolution and novel algorithms
(L3) Keynote Lecture by Christos Ouzounis
(S5) Session 5: Large scale analysis of experimental data
(P1) Poster Session
(S4) Session 4: Biomedical Informatics
(L2) "Graziella Persico" Lecture by Guy Rouleau
(A1) BITS Members' Meeting
(S6) Session 6: Gene expression and system biology
(s7) Spot Presentations
(L4) Keynote Lecture by Tom Blundell
(S7) Session 7: Structural biology and drug design
(C2) Conclusions
--not specified--
(T1) Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(T2) Structural biology and drug design
(T3) Gene expression and system biology
(T4) Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(T5) Large scale analysis of experimental data
(T6) Molecular evolution and biodiversity
(T7) Biomedical informatics
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133 2007-Apr-27 15:20 Oral Microarray data infrastructure using Gebbalab based on Alfresco technology GIULIANI, silvia S4 T7
138   Poster Automatic pedigree reconstruction for genetic studies in isolated populations MILANI, Giuseppe P1 T7
129 2007-Apr-27 15:40 Oral Phenotype Miner: an integrated IT system for supporting genetic studies NUZZO, Angelo S4 T7
195   Poster CEREALAB database: data integration with the MOMIS System SALA, Antonio P1 T7
111   Poster Gene Expression database as a tool to identify potentially interesting Oncological Targets BOSOTTI, roberta P1 T7
175   Poster BioInView: a Tool for Integration and Visualization of Heterogeneous Bioinformatics Data Sources ANTONIO, d`Acierno P1 T7
248   Poster Analysis of Rps19 protein and Rps19 missense mutant proteins interactome CATERINO, Marianna P1 T7
169   Oral CST analysis in the characterization of cystic fibrosis patients BOCCIA, Angelo S4 T7
155   Poster Huntington's Disease: From Experimental Results to Interaction Networks, Patho-Pathway Construction and Disease Hypothesis KREMER, Andreas P1 T7
132   Poster A computationally efficient method for gene network identification LAURIA, Mario P1 T3
131   Poster A transcription network simulator DI CAMILLO, Barbara P1 T3
139   Poster A global expression analysis of the shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis thaliana CIOLFI, Andrea P1 T3
225   Poster Critical points in a pathogen bacterial network and their implication for drug discovery. LOGUERCIO, Salvatore P1 T3
221   Poster Evolutive constraints for "wiring" and characterizing human subproteomes PERSICO, Maria P1 T3
146   Poster Incremental classification models and characterization for gene expression data analysis GUARRACINO, Mario Rosario P1 T3
199   Poster An agent-based model of microRNA-mediated gene regulation: simulation and interpretation of observational data RIPOLI, Andrea P1 T3
198   Poster Generation and analysis of a human-mouse conserved co-expression network ALA, UGO P1 T3
194   Poster DrosOCB: a high resolution map of conserved non coding sequences in Drosophila MARTIGNETTI, Loredana P1 T3
197   Poster Development of a systems biology infrastructure for mathematical modelling and parameter estimation MOSCA, Ettore P1 T3
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