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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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(no code) Welcome
(L1) "Giuliano Preparata" Lecture by Roderic Guigo
(S1) Session 1: Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(S2) Session 2: Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(S3) Session 3: Molecular evolution and novel algorithms
(L3) Keynote Lecture by Christos Ouzounis
(S5) Session 5: Large scale analysis of experimental data
(P1) Poster Session
(S4) Session 4: Biomedical Informatics
(L2) "Graziella Persico" Lecture by Guy Rouleau
(A1) BITS Members' Meeting
(S6) Session 6: Gene expression and system biology
(s7) Spot Presentations
(L4) Keynote Lecture by Tom Blundell
(S7) Session 7: Structural biology and drug design
(C2) Conclusions
--not specified--
(T1) Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(T2) Structural biology and drug design
(T3) Gene expression and system biology
(T4) Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(T5) Large scale analysis of experimental data
(T6) Molecular evolution and biodiversity
(T7) Biomedical informatics
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Id Date Type Title downPresenter Session Track
154   Poster A conserved thyroid-specific enhancer in the human and mouse Pax8 locus. ABBONDANTE, Serena P1 T1
198   Poster Generation and analysis of a human-mouse conserved co-expression network ALA, UGO P1 T3
116   Poster Identifying networks of estrogen-responsive genes in breast cancer cells ALTOBELLI, Gioia P1 T3
108 2007-Apr-27 11:40 Oral BATS: A user friendly Software for analyzing time series microarray experiments. ANGELINI, Claudia S5 T5
175   Poster BioInView: a Tool for Integration and Visualization of Heterogeneous Bioinformatics Data Sources ANTONIO, d`Acierno P1 T7
125 2007-Apr-27 09:00 Oral Human NumtS: features and bioinformatics approaches for their location and quantification ATTIMONELLI, Marcella S3 T6
119   Poster PPNEMA: a database of the RNA cistron from Plant Parasitic nematodes. ATTIMONELLI, Marcella P1 T4
184   Poster FunClust: Identification of functional motifs in non homologous proteins using multiple local structure comparison. AUSIELLO, Gabriele P1 T2
163 2007-Apr-28 13:10 Oral An exhaustive analysis of analogies in protein binding sites of known structure AUSIELLO, Gabriele S7 T2
178   Poster In silico Phosphorylation of the SuperSH3 domain of p47phox AUTORE, Flavia P1 T2
179   Poster CellExcite: A tool for simulating in-silico Excitable Cells BARTOCCI, Ezio P1 T4
190   Poster Insight into pilus and non-pilus biogenesis from molecular dynamics studies BERISIO, Rita P1 T2
148 2007-Apr-28 09:40 Oral Oscillations and bistability in intracellular signal transduction pathways BERSANI ALBERTO, Maria S6 T3
254 2007-Apr-28 11:40 Oral Structural Bioinformatics, the Proteome and Chemical Space: New Dimensions of Drug Discovery BLUNDELL, Tom L4  
169   Oral CST analysis in the characterization of cystic fibrosis patients BOCCIA, Angelo S4 T7
211   Poster Identification of conserved sites in protein folds BORDO, Domenico P1 T1
111   Poster Gene Expression database as a tool to identify potentially interesting Oncological Targets BOSOTTI, roberta P1 T7
128   Poster Construction and analysis of compositionally biased substitution matrices for alignment of Plasmodium spp. proteins BRICK, Kevin P1 T1
241   Poster Histidine biosynthesis: a paradigm for the study of the origin and evolution of metabolic pathways BRILLI, Matteo P1 T6
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