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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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(no code) Welcome
(L1) "Giuliano Preparata" Lecture by Roderic Guigo
(S1) Session 1: Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(S2) Session 2: Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(S3) Session 3: Molecular evolution and novel algorithms
(L3) Keynote Lecture by Christos Ouzounis
(S5) Session 5: Large scale analysis of experimental data
(P1) Poster Session
(S4) Session 4: Biomedical Informatics
(L2) "Graziella Persico" Lecture by Guy Rouleau
(A1) BITS Members' Meeting
(S6) Session 6: Gene expression and system biology
(s7) Spot Presentations
(L4) Keynote Lecture by Tom Blundell
(S7) Session 7: Structural biology and drug design
(C2) Conclusions
--not specified--
(T1) Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(T2) Structural biology and drug design
(T3) Gene expression and system biology
(T4) Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(T5) Large scale analysis of experimental data
(T6) Molecular evolution and biodiversity
(T7) Biomedical informatics
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Id Date Type downTitle Presenter Session Track
134   Poster A computational analysis of Bacteriorhodopsin and four mutants reveals local conformational changes correlating to changing probabilities in unfolding pathways MARSICO, Annalisa P1 T2
132   Poster A computationally efficient method for gene network identification LAURIA, Mario P1 T3
154   Poster A conserved thyroid-specific enhancer in the human and mouse Pax8 locus. ABBONDANTE, Serena P1 T1
158 2007-Apr-26 18:00 Oral A Framework for the Prediction of Protein Complexes CANNATARO, Mario
S2 T4
124 2007-Apr-27 12:00 Oral A fuzzy cluster analysis model for mining the cMap dataset to investigate common drug modes of action IORIO, Francesco S5 T5
160   Poster A geometrical model for generating mainly-alpha protein conformations MUCHERINO, Antonio P1 T2
139   Poster A global expression analysis of the shade avoidance response in Arabidopsis thaliana CIOLFI, Andrea P1 T3
159   Poster A GMDH type net for the early screening of candidate drugs: the case of alpha-aminoamides GINI, Giuseppina P1 T2
226   Poster A preliminary study on distribution and conservation of MicroRNAs MASELLI, Vincenza P1 T6
145 2007-Apr-26 16:40 Oral A statistical test based on the Bernstein inequality to discover multi-level structures in bio-molecular data. VALENTINI, Giorgio S2 T4
216   Poster A Support Vector Machine for the Discrimination of Coding and Non-Coding Sequences that are Conserved Between Related Genomes. RE`, Matteo P1 T4
217   Poster A Support Vector Machine for the Discrimination of MicroRNA Precursors from Other Genomic Hairpin Structures PICCOLO, Viviana P1 T4
103 2007-Apr-26 17:00 Oral A tool for interactive analysis of bioinformatics data TAGLIAFERRI, Roberto S2 T4
131   Poster A transcription network simulator DI CAMILLO, Barbara P1 T3
212   Poster AFLP Manager: a database to manage and analyze AFLP finger-print profiles CATALANO, Domenico P1 T4
219   Poster an Approach to Multifactorial Microarray Data Analysis MARATEA, Antonio P1 T4
199   Poster An agent-based model of microRNA-mediated gene regulation: simulation and interpretation of observational data RIPOLI, Andrea P1 T3
209   Poster An Alternative Splicing Predictor in C.Elegans Based on Time Series Analysis CECCARELLI, Michele P1 T4
163 2007-Apr-28 13:10 Oral An exhaustive analysis of analogies in protein binding sites of known structure AUSIELLO, Gabriele S7 T2
165   Poster An experimental comparison of Random Subspace and Random Projection Ensembles of Support Vector Machines for the classification of gene expression data. FOLGIERI, Raffaella P1 T5
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