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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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(no code) Welcome
(L1) "Giuliano Preparata" Lecture by Roderic Guigo
(S1) Session 1: Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(S2) Session 2: Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(S3) Session 3: Molecular evolution and novel algorithms
(L3) Keynote Lecture by Christos Ouzounis
(S5) Session 5: Large scale analysis of experimental data
(P1) Poster Session
(S4) Session 4: Biomedical Informatics
(L2) "Graziella Persico" Lecture by Guy Rouleau
(A1) BITS Members' Meeting
(S6) Session 6: Gene expression and system biology
(s7) Spot Presentations
(L4) Keynote Lecture by Tom Blundell
(S7) Session 7: Structural biology and drug design
(C2) Conclusions
--not specified--
(T1) Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(T2) Structural biology and drug design
(T3) Gene expression and system biology
(T4) Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(T5) Large scale analysis of experimental data
(T6) Molecular evolution and biodiversity
(T7) Biomedical informatics
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Id downDate Type Title Presenter Session Track
255 2007-Apr-26 14:00 Oral Introduction SACCONE, Cecilia
256 2007-Apr-26 14:10 Oral Investigation of the signals involved in gene specification in genomic sequences GUIGO, Roderic L1  
109 2007-Apr-26 15:00 Oral Prediction of human targets for viral encoded microRNAs by thermodynamics and empirical constraints FERRO, Alfredo S1 T1
120 2007-Apr-26 15:20 Oral Identification of candidate regulatory sequences in mammalian 3'-UTR regions by statistical analysis of oligonucleotide distributions CORA`, Davide S1 T1
136 2007-Apr-26 15:40 Oral Evaluation of the potential for secondary structure formation in repeated bacterial sequences: identification of 58 families sharing common motifs. COZZUTO, Luca S1 T1
172 2007-Apr-26 16:00 Oral An Integrated Computational Workbench for Structural and Functional Analysis in the Solanacea Genomics Network CHIUSANO MARIA, Luisa S1 T1
145 2007-Apr-26 16:40 Oral A statistical test based on the Bernstein inequality to discover multi-level structures in bio-molecular data. VALENTINI, Giorgio S2 T4
103 2007-Apr-26 17:00 Oral A tool for interactive analysis of bioinformatics data TAGLIAFERRI, Roberto S2 T4
101 2007-Apr-26 17:20 Oral Generating multidimensional embeddings based on fuzzy memberships ROVETTA, Stefano S2 T4
171 2007-Apr-26 17:40 Oral CUDA compatible GPU cards as efficient hardware accelerators for Smith-Waterman sequence alignment MANAVSKI, Svetlin S2 T4
158 2007-Apr-26 18:00 Oral A Framework for the Prediction of Protein Complexes CANNATARO, Mario
S2 T4
102 2007-Apr-26 18:20 Oral Critical Assessment of Side Chain Prediction (CASCP): an in-house evaluation on single-point mutants of lysozyme. MARABOTTI, Anna S2 T4
110 2007-Apr-26 18:40 Oral REEF and LAP: a computational framework for the identification of chromosomal regions associated to functional features enrichment and differential expression. COPPE, Alessandro S2 T4
125 2007-Apr-27 09:00 Oral Human NumtS: features and bioinformatics approaches for their location and quantification ATTIMONELLI, Marcella S3 T6
142 2007-Apr-27 09:20 Oral Automatic identification of Transposable Elements DEL FABBRO, Cristian S3 T4
170 2007-Apr-27 09:40 Oral Use of Soft Topographic Maps for Clustering Bacteria on the basis of their 16S rRNA gene sequence URSO, Alfonso S3 T4
174 2007-Apr-27 10:00 Oral Analysis of Cancer Genes Duplicability RAMBALDI, Davide S3 T6
253 2007-Apr-27 10:50 Oral Quantifying vertical and horizontal gene flow across species and time Prof. OUZOUNIS, Christos L3  
108 2007-Apr-27 11:40 Oral BATS: A user friendly Software for analyzing time series microarray experiments. ANGELINI, Claudia S5 T5
124 2007-Apr-27 12:00 Oral A fuzzy cluster analysis model for mining the cMap dataset to investigate common drug modes of action IORIO, Francesco S5 T5
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