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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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(no code) Welcome
(L1) "Giuliano Preparata" Lecture by Roderic Guigo
(S1) Session 1: Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(S2) Session 2: Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(S3) Session 3: Molecular evolution and novel algorithms
(L3) Keynote Lecture by Christos Ouzounis
(S5) Session 5: Large scale analysis of experimental data
(P1) Poster Session
(S4) Session 4: Biomedical Informatics
(L2) "Graziella Persico" Lecture by Guy Rouleau
(A1) BITS Members' Meeting
(S6) Session 6: Gene expression and system biology
(s7) Spot Presentations
(L4) Keynote Lecture by Tom Blundell
(S7) Session 7: Structural biology and drug design
(C2) Conclusions
--not specified--
(T1) Structural and functional analysis of genomes
(T2) Structural biology and drug design
(T3) Gene expression and system biology
(T4) Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
(T5) Large scale analysis of experimental data
(T6) Molecular evolution and biodiversity
(T7) Biomedical informatics
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97 2007-Apr-28 10:20 Poster Identification of cancer signaling pathways from published gene expession signatures using PubLiME MULLER, Heiko s7 T3
100   Poster oneChannelGUI: A Bioconductor graphical interface for single channel microarrays analysis. CALOGERO, Raffaele P1 T4
101 2007-Apr-26 17:20 Oral Generating multidimensional embeddings based on fuzzy memberships ROVETTA, Stefano S2 T4
102 2007-Apr-26 18:20 Oral Critical Assessment of Side Chain Prediction (CASCP): an in-house evaluation on single-point mutants of lysozyme. MARABOTTI, Anna S2 T4
103 2007-Apr-26 17:00 Oral A tool for interactive analysis of bioinformatics data TAGLIAFERRI, Roberto S2 T4
104 2007-Apr-28 12:30 Oral Globularity criteria to evaluate the structural quality of modeled proteins COSTANTINI, Susan S7 T2
105 2007-Apr-28 12:50 Oral Molecular dynamics analyses of peptides forming amyloid-like fibrils VITAGLIANO, Luigi S7 T2
106 2007-Apr-28 09:00 Oral Identification of Perturbed Pathways Using High-throughput Data RIVA, Laura S6 T3
107   Poster An information model for the classification of HIV-1 virus inhibitors TORRENS, Francisco P1 T2
108 2007-Apr-27 11:40 Oral BATS: A user friendly Software for analyzing time series microarray experiments. ANGELINI, Claudia S5 T5
109 2007-Apr-26 15:00 Oral Prediction of human targets for viral encoded microRNAs by thermodynamics and empirical constraints FERRO, Alfredo S1 T1
110 2007-Apr-26 18:40 Oral REEF and LAP: a computational framework for the identification of chromosomal regions associated to functional features enrichment and differential expression. COPPE, Alessandro S2 T4
111   Poster Gene Expression database as a tool to identify potentially interesting Oncological Targets BOSOTTI, roberta P1 T7
112 2007-Apr-28 09:20 Oral Integrated experimental and systems biology approach to the identification of transcriptional regulatory network of p63 transcription factor DELLA GATTA, Giusy S6 T3
113   Poster Synthetic "switches": a new way to tackle complex diseases and biotechnological innovation CUCCATO, Giulia P1 T3
114   Poster Identification of couples and triples of co-occurring transcription factor binding sites sequences from relative distance and GO filter. PESANDO, igor P1 T3
115 2007-Apr-28 13:30 Oral The effect of mutations on protein stability changes: a three class pair residue-discrimination study CAPRIOTTI, Emidio S7 T2
116   Poster Identifying networks of estrogen-responsive genes in breast cancer cells ALTOBELLI, Gioia P1 T3
117 2007-Apr-28 10:00 Oral MoVIN server: Motif Validation of Interaction Networks MARCATILI, Paolo S6 T3
118   Poster SH3-Hunter: discovery of SH3 domain interaction sites in proteins. FERRARO, Enrico P1 T4
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