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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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SH3-Hunter: discovery of SH3 domain interaction sites in proteins.
Identifying interacting partners of a given protein is a crucial step towards the
discovery of its function. Often proteins communicate by means of protein recognition
modules (PRMs), i.e. well conserved domains characterized by a specific function and
interacting with short peptides. The SH3 domain family is one of the most
representative PRMs, having a pivotal role in intracellular signal transduction and
being widely involved in pathologies such as cancer and AIDS.

SH3-Hunter is a web server that evaluates which peptide-domain pair represents a
possible interaction pair and produces as output a list of significant SH3-domain
interaction sites for each query protein. Each proposed interaction site is
associated to a propensity score and sensitivity and precision levels for the
prediction. The server prediction capability is based on a neural network model
integrating high-throughput pep-spot data with structural information extracted from
known SH3-peptide complexes.

Users can submit one or more sequences, or even a list of peptides as possible
interactors of one or more SH3 domains. The input sequences can be processed in
simple or advanced mode. In simple mode, a list of inferred interactions is proposed
with the whole list of SH3 domains available (see Otherwise, a fine selection of test
domains can be prepared. The output consists of a list of significant domain-peptide
pairs that the predictor recognizes as reliable interacting pairs.
Id: 118
Place: Napoli, Italy
Centro Congressi "Federico II"
Via Partenope 36
Starting date:
-- not yet scheduled --   
Duration: 01h00'
Contribution type: Poster
Primary Authors: FERRARO, Enrico (Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Roma)
Co-Authors: PELUSO, Daniele (Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Roma)
VIA, Allegra (Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Roma)
AUSIELLO, Gabriele (Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Roma)
HELMER-CITTERICH, Manuela (Department of Biology, University of Tor Vergata, Roma)
Presenters: FERRARO, Enrico
Included in session: Poster Session
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