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BITS2007 Meeting
BITS2007 Meeting

26-28 April 2007 Napoli, Italy

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Structural and functional analysis of genomes
Large scale analysis of genomes and their annotation, gene expression analysis, proteomics.

Track chairs: M. L. Chiusano, G. Paolella, E. Pizzi.

Structural biology and drug design
Studies on structure and function of biological structures and their interaction, including drug design.

Track chairs: R. Casadio, M. V. Cubellis, M. Helmer-Citterich, A. Tramontano.

Gene expression and system biology
Quantitative analysis of the expression of gene sets and their relationships, modeling and inference of biological systems and networks.

Track chairs: R. Calogero, M. Caselle, G. Cesareni, D. di Bernardo.

Novel methodologies, algorithms and tools
Development of novel algorithms and tools for the analysis of biological data, critical analysis and assessment of existing computational methods, databases, distributed applications, tools and grid infrastructures.

Track chairs: M. Ceccarelli, G. Mauri, G. Pesole, A. Policriti.

Large scale analysis of experimental data
Methods and applications for the analysis of numeric data, images, or other experimental data, from high-throughput approaches in functional genomics, proteomics, cellular biosignalling.

Track chairs: A. Facchiano, E. Medico, P. Romano, G. Valle.

Molecular evolution and biodiversity
Methodologies and applications for the study of the evolution of genes and organisms, including methods for rapid species assignment used for the study of biodiversity.

Track chairs: F. Ciccarelli, G. Bernardi, C. Saccone.

Biomedical informatics
Tools and databases for the analysis of biomedical information and their interconnection with bioinformatics resources.

Track chairs: G. Colonna, L. Milanesi, M. Masseroli. | Last modified 08 July 2009 10:35 |

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